We serve a wide choice and excellent quality of Breakfast to our guests

• Fruit Juice

• Choice of Cereals

• Porridge – choice of topping – maple syrup, yogurt, honey, cinnamon


Continental Breakfast
• Fresh fruit, yogurt, grapefruit segments, prunes


• Full Irish Breakfast

• Grilled sausage, Bacon, Egg, & tomato

• Scrambled eggs

• Favourite flavours: Scrambled egg and bacon

• Simply stylish : Scrambled egg & sweetcorn with bacon on toast

• Something special : Scrambled egg with smoked salmon.

• Lighter choice: Grilled tomato with scrambled eggs


• Pancakes

• Simply delicious: Pancakes drizzled with maple syrup or honey

• Classic combo: Pancakes with bacon and syrup.

• Sweet sensation: Yogurt, honey and nut Pancakes


• Family favourite

• French toast with grilled bacon


• Satisfying Dish

• Waffles served on their own or topped with a poached egg


• Kid’s Favourite

• Beans on Toast

• Choice of any of the above with Toast & brown Soda Bread


• Coffee (French Pot) or (decaf), Tea,(made with tea leaves)

• Herbal teas or Drinking chocolate